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    Teacher Training Event at Body Harmonics – You Don’t Want to Miss This!

Teacher Training Event at Body Harmonics – You Don’t Want to Miss This!

Every year the Body Harmonics Pilates and Movement Teacher Training program grows. We’ve got a full Pilates Comprehensive Track, nearly 50 Continuing Education Workshops and three Specialist diploma programs. Our training is offered in Toronto, across Canada and now worldwide.

Maybe you’re interested in becoming a Pilates teacher and you’ve got some questions to clear […]

Pilates on the Road: Summer Workout with Ring

When you travel, it’s easy to come up with excuses to sit more and move less. Your body takes a toll and instead of having more energy during your vacation, you feel sore and spent.

After too many trips feeling like this, I came to realize it doesn’t take much to “work out on the […]

Five key takeaways from my hip replacement

For years, I had arthritis in my left hip—quite likely the result of a couple of significant childhood injuries on that side of my body that messed up my gait. Somewhere in my early 50s, the condition tipped into overdrive, and suddenly I was limping, not able to sleep because of pain, modifying my […]

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    How you as a Pilates teacher should introduce yourself to a class

How you as a Pilates teacher should introduce yourself to a class

The start of the class sets the tone for your participants. This is one of the most important parts of a good class and unfortunately most people suck at it! When you deliver a great introduction, participants get a sense of who you are and what to expect from the class.

How do you introduce […]

Pilates class plan for Scoliosis

This plan can be used with clients who have a single C-curve or double S curve. Watch for better support from the feet up into the pelvis as the basis or foundation of the spine and head.

Warm up

Standing roll down

Quadruped neutral spine to cat to neutral to cat etc.

Quadruped hip glides (accommodating for pelvic […]

Fill in the gap: where the thoracic and lumbar spine meet

The spine has the same elements in a human body: natural and balanced curves when in a neutral position. When the pelvis is in a neutral position, it allows for the space between each vertebra as they are aligned in their natural curves.

Look at the spine as having two halves: the upper cervicothoracic half […]

Taking the leap from 9 to 5 while wearing leggings

Pilates instructors come from all different walks of life. Many have transitioned from dance or some other discipline of movement. Athletes, gymnasts, fitness trainers. Others come with an academic background: kinesiology, physiotherapy, exercise science. And then there is me. The 9-to-5er who after years of sitting at a desk, complaining about not having time […]

Organizing Your Body to Move

Human movement is hugely varied and complex. We use our bodies in myriad ways in every aspect of life, sport, dance and fitness. Beneath all this great variety of activities exists a set of organizational principles that are innate and unchanging. They are inherent to how we, as bipedal creatures, move. When these principles […]

Hypermobility – How to handle it?

Many of our clients come Pilates to increase their flexibility. Some of them struggle to touch their toes with straight legs, while others work hard to stretch their shoulders. But how do you handle the ones who fight just to hold themselves in place? Can they also benefit from the wonders of this fantastic […]

Want to turn on your glutes?

“I can’t get my glutes to fire on this side” is a common complaint from my clients. Living in a society where we tend to spend a lot of time sitting, I’m not surprised.

When the glutes don’t contract well, our hamstrings (those big bullies!) tend to overwork and that makes them feel tight.

Isolating the […]