Surprising Symptoms of Inflammation You Didn’t Know About

You might think inflammation is only about pain. But inflammation is actually the culprit behind many different health concerns such as depression, digestive discomfort, fertility issues and even auto-immune diseases.

Once, after moving to a new home, my wrist started to throb. Soon after, I ate some food I wasn’t supposed to eat, and the […]

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    Keep It Simple To Build Competence and Confidence – a Recap of the Teacher Training Event at Body Harmonics

Keep It Simple To Build Competence and Confidence – a Recap of the Teacher Training Event at Body Harmonics

On September 8th Body Harmonics hosted its first Teacher Training Open House in Toronto—a chance to meet teacher trainers, learn more about the teacher training program, even take classes and get up close and personal with Margot McKinnon, founder of Body Harmonics and Director of Body Harmonics Teacher Training.

The “Who’s Who” of Who Attended

We […]

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    Hanging series to integrate arms with torso: think like a monkey

Hanging series to integrate arms with torso: think like a monkey

Here’s a great way to work your upper body while having fun. This series integrates the arms with the torso and can help release tension in the upper body while building strength.

We’re using a Pilates Cadillac today, but you can do this in a gym or even at a playground.

Hanging series to integrate arms […]

Five key takeaways from my hip replacement

For years, I had arthritis in my left hip—quite likely the result of a couple of significant childhood injuries on that side of my body that messed up my gait. Somewhere in my early 50s, the condition tipped into overdrive, and suddenly I was limping, not able to sleep because of pain, modifying my […]

Fill in the gap: where the thoracic and lumbar spine meet

The spine has the same elements in a human body: natural and balanced curves when in a neutral position. When the pelvis is in a neutral position, it allows for the space between each vertebra as they are aligned in their natural curves.

Look at the spine as having two halves: the upper cervicothoracic half […]

How to greet a new client in your Pilates class

When new clients come to our classes, it’s our job to make them feel welcome, comfortable and ready to get the most out of the experience.
There are a few key things we can do to help a new person, feeling some trepidation and discomfort, become a raving fan, wanting to come back again and […]

Help your Hamstrings

There are three hamstring muscles that literally hang from your sits bones to your lower leg bones. This group of muscles has a direct effect on hips and knees. Hamstrings are part of our core systems, help us walk more efficiently and are part of our superficial back myofascial line. When they’re working well, […]

Power Poses for Low-Stress and High-Confidence

I stumbled onto the TED Talk website a few months ago after reading about Amy Cuddy’s infamous TED Talk in Chatelaine. I ear-marked it to investigate later, got too busy to investigate it, lost the link, found the link and eventually and finally carved out the 20 minutes it takes to watch her video.

Since […]

Prenatal Pilates class plan on the mat

Maintaining a regular movement and exercise regime is an important key to a healthy pregnancy. Not only does it have physical benefits, but can also be a great way to connect to yourself, your pregnancy and your future baby.

Here’s a sample class plan that’s appropriate for most prenatal women.

Standing Warm Up

Rhythmic Body Rotations

Breathing w/ […]