Taking the leap from 9 to 5 while wearing leggings

Pilates instructors come from all different walks of life. Many have transitioned from dance or some other discipline of movement. Athletes, gymnasts, fitness trainers. Others come with an academic background: kinesiology, physiotherapy, exercise science. And then there is me. The 9-to-5er who after years of sitting at a desk, complaining about not having time […]

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    My transition from corporate to Pilates: What the hell was I thinking?

My transition from corporate to Pilates: What the hell was I thinking?

I was 39 years old. A wife, mom of two amazing daughters, a successful television Producer/Director and I was still looking for more?


It was time. Time to legitimize my passion for Pilates.

Body Harmonics didn’t just help me to train to become an instructor, my mentors taught me how to teach from my heart. Before […]

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    2017 Yoga Conference & Show: They came, they saw, we conquered!

2017 Yoga Conference & Show: They came, they saw, we conquered!

Body Harmonics has been part of The Yoga Conference and Show pretty much since the beginning. We’ve always loved it! But this year we really had a ball—literally!

I hadn’t been at the conference for a few years for one reason or another, so it was exciting for me to attend again. I loved meeting […]

Cracking the Code with Private Pilates Clients

Private clients. Who are they? How do you get them? How do you keep them?! As a new instructor, I am in awe of the unique relationships instructors develop with long term private clients, and can’t wait to explore this aspect of teaching. In the private room, I see the bond between the two. […]

Dealing with depression? Here’s how Pilates can help

Depression and anxiety affects nearly 19 million adults each year, yet this common disease is often misunderstood or misdiagnosed. You’ve probably heard about some emotional symptoms of depression, but did you know that people with depression live with chronic pain and other physical symptoms?

15 years ago I was diagnosed with depression and I noticed that […]

How Pilates and Yoga go hand in hand

I am a self-proclaimed Pilates girl, always thought that this is where my passion lay.  I traveled to India to study yoga and help find some inner peace through meditation and spirituality, but did not realize that yoga would change my life.  Here’s a little information on Pilates and yoga as they both originally […]

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    Pilates – a powerful tool for auto-immune & inflammatory diseases

Pilates – a powerful tool for auto-immune & inflammatory diseases

On July 22, I attended the Inflammatory and Auto-Immune Diseases workshop, at Body Harmonics. It had such an impact on me that it was all I could think about on my long drive back to NJ. It continued to take up most of my thoughts for the next few days.

I sent an email to […]

6 reasons Pilates teachers should be certified

When I first started teaching Pilates I was not certified. I’d just learned what Pilates was that week, had taken two Pilates classes and somehow found myself teaching three classes per week immediately after that.

When I asked about enrolling into a Pilates certification program, I was told it takes a really long time and […]

How BODY HARMONICS has changed my life

A year and a half ago, a new client Johanne White walked through the doors of BODY HARMONICS. She was petite and a bit nervous, but seemed dedicated to using movement therapy to help heal her body.

Within a few months, we began seeing more and more of her. We had many conversations in passing […]

How LAGREE made me a better PILATES teacher

Have you ever heard of Lagree? It is a killer workout done on a machine inspired by the Pilates Reformer. There is pumping music and on occasion a live DJ. Sebastien Lagree, who became a self-proclaimed fitness fanatic in his 20’s (he is 43 now), is the guru behind the technique. He taught Pilates […]