Eat those carbs! (…you read that right)

Have you ever felt like you needed a little nudge to help make good food choices around the holiday season?

Well, consider this your nudge. Today I’d like to help you with your snacking.

The idea of snacking is so prevalent that we almost never question it.

“Eat every hour or you’ll die!”

“Snack to keep your energy […]

Surprising Symptoms of Inflammation You Didn’t Know About

You might think inflammation is only about pain. But inflammation is actually the culprit behind many different health concerns such as depression, digestive discomfort, fertility issues and even auto-immune diseases.

Once, after moving to a new home, my wrist started to throb. Soon after, I ate some food I wasn’t supposed to eat, and the […]

Premium fuel for a champion mindset

If you’ve ever heard me speak, listened to my interviews, watched my TV show, or read my magazine articles you’ll know that I am Mindset obsessed. I mean, it’s not a bad thing, after all it is the key to success in anything. This is what I coach women on all over the world […]

Lunch on the go: Super Salad Jars

We’ve all been there: an overly full day which results in running out to grab a bagel for lunch.  Equally frustrating is buying yummy ingredients for a whopping salad and having to toss it all out at the end of the week because you didn’t have time to prep one each day!

Well, fret and […]

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10 Flat Belly Foods

Movement and nutrition are keys in a flat tummy. When working with clients you can boost your results by educating them with the tips below. Start to incorporate these tips into your own life and you will be able to speak with more confidence and conviction when you are sharing with others. It is important […]

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