Postural analysis – what to watch for

As movement experts, our job is to help our clients to move better, live longer and be healthier. Therefore, we are always concerned with investigating the quality of movement and understanding how our client’s body moves.

But what about when the body is not moving? Isn’t the static posture as important as the dynamic movement […]

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    Teaching Pilates and movement to older adults – where to start

Teaching Pilates and movement to older adults – where to start

Have you ever trained a senior client? Do you work with older adults on a regular basis? Are you curious to learn more before you delve into this market?

Working with older adults can be one of the most rewarding experiences to a Pilates instructor or any teacher of movement.

As adults age, they are highly […]

Cracking the Code with Private Pilates Clients

Private clients. Who are they? How do you get them? How do you keep them?! As a new instructor, I am in awe of the unique relationships instructors develop with long term private clients, and can’t wait to explore this aspect of teaching. In the private room, I see the bond between the two. […]

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    Q & A: Imagery cues to build core awareness and hip dissassociation

Q & A: Imagery cues to build core awareness and hip dissassociation

QUESTION: from Katie, Pilates student in Australia

I loved your blog post on imagery cues. I would like to know what cue’s you’d use for helping a client understand core awareness, disassociation of hips and lower extremities organization for both leg circles and side to side. Can you help?

ANSWER: from Penny Kennedy, Body Harmonics Trained instructor from […]

Embrace your unique Pilates teaching style

One of the most valuable things I have learned through my 20 plus years as a teacher, Pilates instructor and coach is that who you are and the way you express yourself is equally, if not more important, than what you teach.

I’ve had the privilege of training hundreds of teachers while at Body Harmonics […]

10 Keys to making Pilates private sessions magic

Mastering private Pilates sessions is an absolute must if you are a career Pilates instructor and want to stay in the movement industry long-term. They’re not only a personally and professionally rewarding, but also a great way to fill the gaps in your day.

When first starting out, private sessions can be a source of […]

Private client issues that teachers need help with

Working with private clients is an excellent way to fill the gaps in your schedule and make an even more meaningful difference to people’s lives. You get the chance to work with one client for an hour and give them your undivided attention. For some, this is an exciting adventure. And for others, a […]

6 reasons Pilates teachers should be certified

When I first started teaching Pilates I was not certified. I’d just learned what Pilates was that week, had taken two Pilates classes and somehow found myself teaching three classes per week immediately after that.

When I asked about enrolling into a Pilates certification program, I was told it takes a really long time and […]

Finally a Certified Pilates Instructor. . . Now what?!

Completing your Pilates Certification is a huge accomplishment, but it is just the beginning of establishing your Pilates career. How are you going to make yourself eye-catching to potential employers? What sets you apart from other Pilates graduates? Do you want to be an independent contractor, employee of a larger organization or open your […]

58 verbs to use when teaching Pilates

A verb is a word that conveys action. When we use verbs in our Pilates cueing your language will be more clear, participants more engaged and the entire Pilates experience more meaningful all around.

Below, I’ve listed 58 verbs you may hear in a Pilates studio. As a teacher, notice which you use most often. […]