Organizing Your Body to Move

Human movement is hugely varied and complex. We use our bodies in myriad ways in every aspect of life, sport, dance and fitness. Beneath all this great variety of activities exists a set of organizational principles that are innate and unchanging. They are inherent to how we, as bipedal creatures, move. When these principles […]

Hypermobility – How to handle it?

Many of our clients come Pilates to increase their flexibility. Some of them struggle to touch their toes with straight legs, while others work hard to stretch their shoulders. But how do you handle the ones who fight just to hold themselves in place? Can they also benefit from the wonders of this fantastic […]

Postural analysis – what to watch for

As movement experts, our job is to help our clients to move better, live longer and be healthier. Therefore, we are always concerned with investigating the quality of movement and understanding how our client’s body moves.

But what about when the body is not moving? Isn’t the static posture as important as the dynamic movement […]

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    Teaching Pilates and movement to older adults – where to start

Teaching Pilates and movement to older adults – where to start

Have you ever trained a senior client? Do you work with older adults on a regular basis? Are you curious to learn more before you delve into this market?

Working with older adults can be one of the most rewarding experiences to a Pilates instructor or any teacher of movement.

As adults age, they are highly […]

Dealing with depression? Here’s how Pilates can help

Depression and anxiety affects nearly 19 million adults each year, yet this common disease is often misunderstood or misdiagnosed. You’ve probably heard about some emotional symptoms of depression, but did you know that people with depression live with chronic pain and other physical symptoms?

15 years ago I was diagnosed with depression and I noticed that […]

How Pilates and Yoga go hand in hand

I am a self-proclaimed Pilates girl, always thought that this is where my passion lay.  I traveled to India to study yoga and help find some inner peace through meditation and spirituality, but did not realize that yoga would change my life.  Here’s a little information on Pilates and yoga as they both originally […]

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    Q & A: Imagery cues to build core awareness and hip dissassociation

Q & A: Imagery cues to build core awareness and hip dissassociation

QUESTION: from Katie, Pilates student in Australia

I loved your blog post on imagery cues. I would like to know what cue’s you’d use for helping a client understand core awareness, disassociation of hips and lower extremities organization for both leg circles and side to side. Can you help?

ANSWER: from Penny Kennedy, Body Harmonics Trained instructor from […]

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    Why an ELDOA Certification is a Great Investment for Pilates Instructors

Why an ELDOA Certification is a Great Investment for Pilates Instructors

Let’s be honest, the wellness industry is booming and there are a lot of ways to spend your money these days. It is easy to feel inundated and overwhelmed. You need to make sure you are investing your time and your money wisely.

As a Pilates teacher, studio owner, ELDOA teacher trainer, lover of mindfulness […]

Fascial Fitness and Pilates are alike. Here’s how.

Research in the world of fascia continues to increase every day and this makes it a very exciting time for us as Pilates instructors. The method that Joseph Pilates developed and called Contrology is in turn getting more scientific validation. With a subtle shift in emphasis, we can integrate this new information into our studio / clinical […]

Why pole walking is a perfect complement to Pilates

If you’ve never heard of urban pole walking, today’s your lucky day. It’s basically walking outside with trekking poles that resemble ski poles. The poles are adjustable for different heights, have hand straps, rubber feet and are collapsible for travel.

Pole walking is a huge fitness craze in Europe and has taken off in North […]