Improving coordination between spine and hips

Improving coordination between spine and hips

Have you ever curled forward and been asked to stay “long” in the spine? This isn’t something your instructor just made up, there’s actually a theory behind it.

S. Piret and M. M. Béziers developed a system of Motor Coordination that has been studied and practiced by movement experts world-wide. […]

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    How to breathe better and decrease your stress Part 2: Breathing & movement techniques

How to breathe better and decrease your stress Part 2: Breathing & movement techniques

In Part 1 of How to breathe better and decrease your stress, I discussed the anatomy of the respiratory diaphragm and how it works. Your diaphragm not only helps you breathe, but also affects your circulation, blood pressure, posture, digestion and stress response. Today, I’ll teach you some simple, effective ways you can condition […]

Pilates on the Road: Summer Workout with Ring

When you travel, it’s easy to come up with excuses to sit more and move less. Your body takes a toll and instead of having more energy during your vacation, you feel sore and spent.

After too many trips feeling like this, I came to realize it doesn’t take much to “work out on the […]

Fill in the gap: where the thoracic and lumbar spine meet

The spine has the same elements in a human body: natural and balanced curves when in a neutral position. When the pelvis is in a neutral position, it allows for the space between each vertebra as they are aligned in their natural curves.

Look at the spine as having two halves: the upper cervicothoracic half […]

Want to turn on your glutes?

“I can’t get my glutes to fire on this side” is a common complaint from my clients. Living in a society where we tend to spend a lot of time sitting, I’m not surprised.

When the glutes don’t contract well, our hamstrings (those big bullies!) tend to overwork and that makes them feel tight.

Isolating the […]

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    7 signs you’re suffering from neck & shoulder tension and what to do about it

7 signs you’re suffering from neck & shoulder tension and what to do about it

The Rotator Cuff: It’s Good Stuff! Exercises Have you ever seen someone grimacing, rubbing their neck and talking about how they need to get in for a massage? Neck and shoulder tension is everywhere. Below is an executive summary of what causes neck tension and a couple of simple strategies to work your way out […]

15 min morning wake up sequence on Pilates Cadillac

People think that because I’m a Pilates instructor, I spend my days from morning till night working out. Wrong. Although I demonstrate things here and there, I actually spend most of my time watching my clients to make sure they’re moving well.

I love taking the time to work my own body. It makes me […]

Three Great SI Joint Mobilization Exercises

SI joint pain is one major cause of back pain that can be caused from sports, impact, postural imbalances and even hormones from pregnancy. Most people only begin to pay attention to it when it starts to hurt.

There are many resources available online that explain the ins and outs of SI joints, their structure […]

Dealing with depression? Here’s how Pilates can help

Depression and anxiety affects nearly 19 million adults each year, yet this common disease is often misunderstood or misdiagnosed. You’ve probably heard about some emotional symptoms of depression, but did you know that people with depression live with chronic pain and other physical symptoms?

15 years ago I was diagnosed with depression and I noticed that […]

Get your glutes on!

Gluteals, our buttock muscles are known for helping us maintain upright posture. They also help us sit down, stand up, walk around and add curves to our figure.

Today, we will work the different gluteals actions to increase hip mobility, the integration and congruity of the hip joint. We’re also working in the quadruped position, […]