Abs, Hips & Thighs Pilates Class Plan

Abs, Hips & Thighs is a favourite Mat Pilates class at Body Harmonics. It’s a great way to feel every inch of your midriff, hips and legs from every angle and every direction. In this class, we draw on our Pilates Mat repertoire and Vertical repertoire to help sculpt and contour the waist, hips […]

Pilates Mat Class for Power & Ease in Shoulders

Millions of people suffer from neck and shoulder tension. It can build up from poor posture, excessive sitting, overuse, and general stress and anxiety. Treatments for neck and shoulder tension can include manual therapies like massage or chiropractic. I love addressing this annoying and often chronic issue through effective movement.

How do I do this?

I […]

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Pilates on the Road: Summer Workout with Ring

When you travel, it’s easy to come up with excuses to sit more and move less. Your body takes a toll and instead of having more energy during your vacation, you feel sore and spent.

After too many trips feeling like this, I came to realize it doesn’t take much to “work out on the […]

Pilates class plan for Scoliosis

This plan can be used with clients who have a single C-curve or double S curve. Watch for better support from the feet up into the pelvis as the basis or foundation of the spine and head.

Warm up

Standing roll down

Quadruped neutral spine to cat to neutral to cat etc.

Quadruped hip glides (accommodating for pelvic […]

Glute-focused Foam Roller Pilates Class Plan

About a month ago, a pesky SI joint problem crept up in my body. Knowing I have weaker glutes, I committed to paying extra attention to them in all my classes this month. Today, I’ve got an intermediate level Dynamic Core Pilates class that uses the foam roller I thought I’d share with you. […]

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Train balance and challenge core with a foam roller

Balance helps keep us stay upright and allows us to walk, run, skip and jump-and move in general-without falling.

One of our favourite ways to challenge balance is with a foam roller. Many use the foam roller for myofascial release – a technique likened to self-massage. At BODY HARMONICS, we us it in creative ways to challenge balance […]

Pilates teaser mat class plan with weighted balls

The Pilates teaser is one of the most recognized Pilates exercises. It’s challenging, fun and a great way to challenge your core control.

If you’ve ever had trouble doing a teaser, this class is designed to strengthen the body and prepare it to do this exercise successfully. It’s a very challenging exercise, so don’t be […]

20 minute hotel room workout with theraband

My husband and I travel often and spend a lot of time in hotel rooms. Planes, heavy luggage, being away from home and missing my regular workout routines takes a toll on my body. The more I travel the more I’ve begin to create little workouts that are energizing, feel good and give me […]

Energetic Mat Class Plan Suitable for People with Arthritis

This is a terrific class plan to use with anyone who wants to get moving and feel great. It’s also suitable for people with Arthritis. The focus is on isotonic (concentric & eccentric) contractions rather than isometric contractions to leave the body more supple and mobile.


Mini squats to warm up the leg joints […]

Pilates class plan with magic circle

The Pilates ring, or magic circle, is a fantastic way to add challenge to your classes and spice them up. The ring is light weight, inexpensive and amazing way to tone your muscles!

Here’s a class plan you can use yourself or with clients.


Bend and stretch leg x 6 each side

Crossover x 3 each direction with […]