Top 4 postnatal exercise mistakes you must avoid

I’ve worked as a Pilates instructor for more than 10 years and trained many post natal women. Just 11 weeks ago, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. I knew which exercises to do and which to avoid, but being the overachiever I am, I tried to jump back into some of my […]

How Body Harmonics Pilates studio owner works out

I am often asked how much time I spend on physical exercise–Pilates and other types of workouts. To the layperson it would seem like I spend about five minutes a month. The true answer is, many hours, seven days each week. I “do” two types of exercise: Pilates and walking.

I don’t have an exercise […]

Ask the expert: Piriformis Syndrome

Q: I am a Pilates instructor in Australia and seem to be suffering from Piriformis Syndrome. I taught 6 classes last week, 2 more than usual and am wondering if too much side leg series work, bridges etc could cause this? I’ve been doing the usual stretches and rolling to relieve it but wondering […]