Gait Analysis – what to watch for

What is gait and the gait cycle

Gait literally means human walking. The gait cycle refers to taking a step with your right foot and then with your left. There are two phases of gait: the stance phase and the swing phase. When you assess gait it is most informative if you focus on the […]

Fascial Fitness®—First Time in Canada!

Fascia! Fascia! Fascia! That’s the buzzword these days. So much talk about fascia, but you’re still not sure what it is? Now’s your chance to find out!

The first ever two-day introduction to the Fascial Fitness® training method is coming to Body Harmonics November 19-20, 2016.

Fascial Fitness® has exploded in Europe but this is the […]

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    Why an ELDOA Certification is a Great Investment for Pilates Instructors

Why an ELDOA Certification is a Great Investment for Pilates Instructors

Let’s be honest, the wellness industry is booming and there are a lot of ways to spend your money these days. It is easy to feel inundated and overwhelmed. You need to make sure you are investing your time and your money wisely.

As a Pilates teacher, studio owner, ELDOA teacher trainer, lover of mindfulness […]

Give yourself a hand: bones and muscles of the hand

In the last installment of “Give yourself a hand”, we looked at the anatomy, general function, and exercises for the forearm and the wrist. As you may recall, the forearm and wrist help to position the hand properly. Now, we’ll look at the structure and function of the hand more closely.

Bones of the Hand

In the […]

Fascial Fitness and Pilates are alike. Here’s how.

Research in the world of fascia continues to increase every day and this makes it a very exciting time for us as Pilates instructors. The method that Joseph Pilates developed and called Contrology is in turn getting more scientific validation. With a subtle shift in emphasis, we can integrate this new information into our studio / clinical […]

Multipurpose psoas exercise


Psoas is part of the Pilates powerhouse. But ironically, but instead of making it powerful, people spend time releasing it, softening it and stripping it of its powerful roles as a spine and hip stabilizer in the body.

Psoas is a long muscle that runs the length of the lumbar spine, running through the pelvis […]

Help! Chin nods are making the neck feel worse

Ask the expert – Question:
I have a client who has forward head posture and neck pain, and doing chin nods seem to make her neck feel worse. If chin nods are supposed to be good for neck issues, then why isn’t this exercise working?
Expert answer:
Chin nods involve craniocervical flexion or upper neck flexion. This […]

Give Yourself a Hand: Forearm and Wrist Exercises

Last week, we looked at the anatomy of the forearm and the wrist. This week, let’s take a look at how these structures serve to position the hand, and then learn a few simple exercises you can do at home with just a few simple props.

Movements of the Forearm and Wrist:


Now, let’s take a […]

Give Yourself a Hand: A Look at the Forearm, Wrist and Hand

Have you ever been in a Pilates class in which you were in quadruped position on your hands and knees, and before the instructor can say “just ten more…” your wrists are screaming in agony and you have to change positions because it feels like your hands will fall off? Ok, maybe you’ve experienced […]

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    Make the most of your “senses” in Pilates & other activities

Make the most of your “senses” in Pilates & other activities

Last week I shared three senses that have a major impact on your body schema. These include somatosensation, the vestibular sense and vision. Today, we’ll explore how integrating these senses helps us understand our physical surroundings and why this is important to us and our clients.

Integrating the senses helps us understand our physical surroundings

Sensory […]