How Body Harmonics Pilates studio owner works out

I am often asked how much time I spend on physical exercise–Pilates and other types of workouts. To the layperson it would seem like I spend about five minutes a month. The true answer is, many hours, seven days each week. I “do” two types of exercise: Pilates and walking.

I don’t have an exercise […]

Abs, Hips & Thighs Pilates Class Plan

Abs, Hips & Thighs is a favourite Mat Pilates class at Body Harmonics. It’s a great way to feel every inch of your midriff, hips and legs from every angle and every direction. In this class, we draw on our Pilates Mat repertoire and Vertical repertoire to help sculpt and contour the waist, hips […]

Pilates class plan for Scoliosis

This plan can be used with clients who have a single C-curve or double S curve. Watch for better support from the feet up into the pelvis as the basis or foundation of the spine and head.

Warm up

Standing roll down

Quadruped neutral spine to cat to neutral to cat etc.

Quadruped hip glides (accommodating for pelvic […]

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    7 signs you’re suffering from neck & shoulder tension and what to do about it

7 signs you’re suffering from neck & shoulder tension and what to do about it

The Rotator Cuff: It’s Good Stuff! Exercises Have you ever seen someone grimacing, rubbing their neck and talking about how they need to get in for a massage? Neck and shoulder tension is everywhere. Below is an executive summary of what causes neck tension and a couple of simple strategies to work your way out […]

Exercises to restore optimal gait mechanics

Last week I shared the key elements to look at in a gait analysis and a few key areas that often need more attention and training. Today, I’ll share my favourite exercises to help restore optimal gait mechanics in most people.


Step 1: Start with restoration of t-spine rotation

It is a good idea to re-assess gait after […]

Gait Analysis – what to watch for

What is gait and the gait cycle

Gait literally means human walking. The gait cycle refers to taking a step with your right foot and then with your left. There are two phases of gait: the stance phase and the swing phase. When you assess gait it is most informative if you focus on the […]

Flap your elbows for great shoulders

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    Shoulder Complex rehab to full conditioning exercise sequence

Shoulder Complex rehab to full conditioning exercise sequence

This sequence of exercises provides many exercises options in each category. Mix and match as you like while sticking to the order of exercises in each of the categories (i.e. Thoracic Spine, Scapulae, Thoracic Spine and Scapulae). 

Thoracic Spine

Mobility exercises on mat or with balance cushion or ball under t-spine

Thoracic rotation
Thoracic hoola […]

Core Conditioning in 3D

Dealing with serious neck pain? Here are 11 steps to try

Can you imagine getting up in the morning and not being able to support the weight of your head?

Sounds extreme but this is exactly the scenario of one of my clients last Friday. She had endured a long flight earlier in the week, deals with sleep apnea and ongoing issues in her lower spine.

Here’s […]