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    My transition from corporate to Pilates: What the hell was I thinking?

My transition from corporate to Pilates: What the hell was I thinking?

I was 39 years old. A wife, mom of two amazing daughters, a successful television Producer/Director and I was still looking for more?


It was time. Time to legitimize my passion for Pilates.

Body Harmonics didn’t just help me to train to become an instructor, my mentors taught me how to teach from my heart. Before […]

15 min morning wake up sequence on Pilates Cadillac

People think that because I’m a Pilates instructor, I spend my days from morning till night working out. Wrong. Although I demonstrate things here and there, I actually spend most of my time watching my clients to make sure they’re moving well.

I love taking the time to work my own body. It makes me […]

8 Secrets to effective email communication

Have you ever received an email that left you feeling uneasy all day long? Perhaps it was pushy, demanding, abrupt or so long you couldn’t bear reading it.

Research shows that 64% of emails in the workplace cause tension, confusion and negative consequences. Being in the health and fitness industry, that’s basically the opposite vibe […]

Three Great SI Joint Mobilization Exercises

SI joint pain is one major cause of back pain that can be caused from sports, impact, postural imbalances and even hormones from pregnancy. Most people only begin to pay attention to it when it starts to hurt.

There are many resources available online that explain the ins and outs of SI joints, their structure […]

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    Teaching Pilates and movement to older adults – where to start

Teaching Pilates and movement to older adults – where to start

Have you ever trained a senior client? Do you work with older adults on a regular basis? Are you curious to learn more before you delve into this market?

Working with older adults can be one of the most rewarding experiences to a Pilates instructor or any teacher of movement.

As adults age, they are highly […]

Get your glutes on!

Gluteals, our buttock muscles are known for helping us maintain upright posture. They also help us sit down, stand up, walk around and add curves to our figure.

Today, we will work the different gluteals actions to increase hip mobility, the integration and congruity of the hip joint. We’re also working in the quadruped position, […]

Hand exercises that help with neck and shoulder tension

We use our hands a million times a day, pushing, pulling, grabbing, reaching, texting and keyboarding. We need our hands to be strong and supple for all of these actions. By the end of the day we can feel like our hands are so tired they need a massage. Doing hand exercises can actually […]

Help your Hamstrings

There are three hamstring muscles that literally hang from your sits bones to your lower leg bones. This group of muscles has a direct effect on hips and knees. Hamstrings are part of our core systems, help us walk more efficiently and are part of our superficial back myofascial line. When they’re working well, […]

Why pole walking is a perfect complement to Pilates

If you’ve never heard of urban pole walking, today’s your lucky day. It’s basically walking outside with trekking poles that resemble ski poles. The poles are adjustable for different heights, have hand straps, rubber feet and are collapsible for travel.

Pole walking is a huge fitness craze in Europe and has taken off in North […]

10 Keys to making Pilates private sessions magic

Mastering private Pilates sessions is an absolute must if you are a career Pilates instructor and want to stay in the movement industry long-term. They’re not only a personally and professionally rewarding, but also a great way to fill the gaps in your day.

When first starting out, private sessions can be a source of […]