BODY HARMONICS TeamFor more than 20 years, BODY HARMONICS Studios and Teacher Training have helped people learn and teach movement. We have taken the best from classical Pilates and made it accessible to people of all ages and activity levels.

Now we want to expand our reach. We realized that we are sitting on a huge wealth of information. Our studios offer three specialist certificate programs, five certification courses and over 36 continuing education workshops. But until now, we have had no outlet to share that information outside of our classroom training sessions.


Why Body Harmonics Shoptalk?

Body Harmonics Shoptalk gives us a way to reach beyond the classroom. It brings us closer to you and other teachers like you who want to learn about the Body Harmonics difference in teaching movement and running a fitness business.

Our mandate is to:

  • Educate movement enthusiasts about the body and how it moves
  • Help new teachers get started on the right path in the mind-body fitness field
  • Offer ideas and proven strategies to experienced teachers that can increase their value as movement educators
  • Help studio owners improve their business and increase profits

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Who’s behind Body Harmonics Shoptalk?

Margot McKinnon, BODY HARMONICS Founder

Margot McKinnonMargot McKinnon, B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed., offers twenty years of experience in the fields of fitness and wellness, Pilates and teacher education. She holds a Masters degree in Adult Education from OISE and completed comprehensive Pilates teacher training at Pilates Downtown. Her interest in the science of human movement runs deep and her passion is sharing the power of simple movements that allow the body’s natural grace, power and agility to emerge. She founded Body Harmonics Studios with the vision of creating a movement-education centre rich in learning, exploration and fun for clients, teachers-in-training and staff.

Teaching people to move with ease and power is simply inspiring…miraculous in fact. I am blessed to work in a field that is endlessly fascinating and so naturally supportive to our health and wellbeing.




Larisa Makuch, BODY HARMONICS Managing Director

Larisa MakuchLarisa Makuch, B.A., is a Pilates instructor, teacher trainer and Managing Director at BODY HARMONICS as well as teaches Ukrainian folk dance. She draws on her diverse experiences to create innovative teaching and business strategies. Larisa has worked in financial services, real estate, newspaper sales and advertising. She owned an in-home pole dance party company, has held several executive and leadership positions with Toastmasters International, and the DESNA Ukrainian Dance Company of Toronto. In her spare time she indulges in self development books, audios and seminars. At heart, she is a photographer.

When I’m working with a client, whether in movement or in business, I take the different puzzle pieces and I assemble them in a new way. Some people are ready for change. Others are not. With most, small steps can go a long way – even if they are not noticed. What I love most are those “Aha” moments when clients make discoveries that translate into freedom, joy and less pain. In business it brings confidence, clarity and financial reward.