People think that because I’m a Pilates instructor, I spend my days from morning till night working out. Wrong. Although I demonstrate things here and there, I actually spend most of my time watching my clients to make sure they’re moving well.

I love taking the time to work my own body. It makes me feel strong and energized. However, it’s sometimes tough finding a one to two hour block to dedicate to my own workout. I find that 10-15 mins before or between clients is a great alternative to not doing any movement.

Other than doing something healthy for myself, another little perk is that as I move and play, I think of new exercise variations and revive movements that have been out of sight and out of mind for a while.

Here are a few things I consider when doing my own mini-workouts.

  • I listen to my body. I do what feels good and what my body’s asking for that day. Sometimes I need simple, basic exercises and other days I need to jump right into the big stuff.
  • I make sure to move my spine, hips and shoulders in many different directions. This helps me work my “total body” in a short period of time
  • I transition quickly. When I only have a short period of time, I want to make the most of it. Quicker transitions means more time to work on me.
  • I often choose Pilates equipment or apparatus over Mat Work. The resistance of Pilates equipment helps me feel stronger faster – it’s a preference my body has. Pay attention to what you prefer and do what works for you.

Here’s a sample sequence I did this morning using the Pilates Cadillac to wake myself up this morning. I took me just over 10 mins, but I wish I would have taken more time and done a few more reps of each – I think it would be a great 15 min sequence. I’ve written it down below and sped it up on the video.

I hope you enjoy and it inspires you to get moving a bit more today!

If you have any favourite exercises or sequences you like to do, please share in the comments section at the bottom of the article.

The workout

Push thru bar – no springs (2 min)

  • Kneeling flexion/extension with push thru bar
  • Kneeling push thru + rotation

Push thru bar, bottom loaded – 1 green spring (5 min)

  • Parallel footwork
  • Calf raises
  • Tower 2/spinal articulation
  • Turned out footwork
  • Turned out > parallel footwork
  • Single leg parallel footwork R & L
  • Side lying foot work, turned out

Roll bar – 2 yellow springs (2 min)

  • Side bend
  • Roll back
  • Side mermaid
  • Roll back + rotation

Roll bar – 2 yellow springs (kneeling) (2 min)

  • Chest expansion
  • Chest expansion + forward flexion/roll down

Long yellow springs with triangle loops (seated) (2 min)

  • Row
  • Row + rotation
  • Mid traps

Push thru bar, bottom loaded – 1 blue spring (2 min)

  • Quadruped hip extension
  • Quadruped flexion/extension + rib circles
  • Quadruped hip and knee extension + mini push up

Seated spinal movements to finish up (anything that feels good)