Multipurpose psoas exercise


Psoas is part of the Pilates powerhouse. But ironically, but instead of making it powerful, people spend time releasing it, softening it and stripping it of its powerful roles as a spine and hip stabilizer in the body.

Psoas is a long muscle that runs the length of the lumbar spine, running through the pelvis […]

Reverse walking for more spring in your step

10 Keys to making Pilates private sessions magic

Mastering private Pilates sessions is an absolute must if you are a career Pilates instructor and want to stay in the movement industry long-term. They’re not only a personally and professionally rewarding, but also a great way to fill the gaps in your day.

When first starting out, private sessions can be a source of […]

Feels so good neck exercise

Private client issues that teachers need help with

Working with private clients is an excellent way to fill the gaps in your schedule and make an even more meaningful difference to people’s lives. You get the chance to work with one client for an hour and give them your undivided attention. For some, this is an exciting adventure. And for others, a […]

Pilates for dancers? Here’s why it’s a great fit

Dance is complex movement that integrates both artistry and physicality seamlessly. Dancers require the creativity and grace of an artist coupled with the strength and control of an athlete. Not an easy feat!

Pilates is a movement system that prioritizes strength, power, whole body integration and immense amounts of mind body connection.

It’s now widely acknowledged […]

Train balance and challenge core with a foam roller

Balance helps keep us stay upright and allows us to walk, run, skip and jump-and move in general-without falling.

One of our favourite ways to challenge balance is with a foam roller. Many use the foam roller for myofascial release – a technique likened to self-massage. At BODY HARMONICS, we us it in creative ways to challenge balance […]

6 reasons Pilates teachers should be certified

When I first started teaching Pilates I was not certified. I’d just learned what Pilates was that week, had taken two Pilates classes and somehow found myself teaching three classes per week immediately after that.

When I asked about enrolling into a Pilates certification program, I was told it takes a really long time and […]

Get rid of airplane legs

8 exercises to help you move your spine daily

Let’s face it. Most people are quite stiff in their spines and kyphotic. It’s a big word for excessively rounded forward in the upper back. Just think of a person that slouches.

Extensive daily sitting, lack of regular movement and exercise, forgetting to breathe, playing on our cell phones and many other bad habits we’ve […]