Love your obliques!

Embrace your unique Pilates teaching style

One of the most valuable things I have learned through my 20 plus years as a teacher, Pilates instructor and coach is that who you are and the way you express yourself is equally, if not more important, than what you teach.

I’ve had the privilege of training hundreds of teachers while at Body Harmonics […]

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    Pilates – a powerful tool for auto-immune & inflammatory diseases

Pilates – a powerful tool for auto-immune & inflammatory diseases

On July 22, I attended the Inflammatory and Auto-Immune Diseases workshop, at Body Harmonics. It had such an impact on me that it was all I could think about on my long drive back to NJ. It continued to take up most of my thoughts for the next few days.

I sent an email to […]

Simple Hip Spirals With a Ball

Fascial Fitness and Pilates are alike. Here’s how.

Research in the world of fascia continues to increase every day and this makes it a very exciting time for us as Pilates instructors. The method that Joseph Pilates developed and called Contrology is in turn getting more scientific validation. With a subtle shift in emphasis, we can integrate this new information into our studio / clinical […]

Why pole walking is a perfect complement to Pilates

If you’ve never heard of urban pole walking, today’s your lucky day. It’s basically walking outside with trekking poles that resemble ski poles. The poles are adjustable for different heights, have hand straps, rubber feet and are collapsible for travel.

Pole walking is a huge fitness craze in Europe and has taken off in North […]

Multipurpose psoas exercise


Psoas is part of the Pilates powerhouse. But ironically, but instead of making it powerful, people spend time releasing it, softening it and stripping it of its powerful roles as a spine and hip stabilizer in the body.

Psoas is a long muscle that runs the length of the lumbar spine, running through the pelvis […]

Reverse walking for more spring in your step

10 Keys to making Pilates private sessions magic

Mastering private Pilates sessions is an absolute must if you are a career Pilates instructor and want to stay in the movement industry long-term. They’re not only a personally and professionally rewarding, but also a great way to fill the gaps in your day.

When first starting out, private sessions can be a source of […]

Feels so good neck exercise